Integrate the AI/ML technologies

into your research workflows

Assist chemists to plan the sysnthetic routes

Assist medicinal chemists, process chemists, synthetic chemists and related researchers to plan the routes with all possibilites and novel discovery.

Visualize the systhesis routes

System organizes compounds that synthesize the target molecules, forming a beautiful network and relationship map between compounds and routes.

Integrate kinds of internal data with the system and build the AI platform

Integration of in-house data: building blocks , real-time and accurate starting materials commecial available information, reactions data from ELNs, inventory, 3rd parties etc.

Predictive Retrosynthesis

Plan your own synthetic routes in several seconds to minutes

Compound Quotation

Automaticly generate chemical compound quotation with synthesis routes, prices for the routes and starting materials, as editable file templates.

Professional Services

Integration of in-house data, reaction condition prediction, by-products prediction and analysis, synthesis feasibility score, CADD and other customized projects and services, maximizing the values.

We are willing to share the latest

information with you

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