Chemical.AI and Chemaxon Announce Collaboration in Scientific Informatics Software Integration

Date: 01.06.2022 By: Admin

Chemical.AI, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for synthesis route design and prediction and Chemaxon, a leading chemical and biological software development company, today announced a strategic partnership to create the possibility for end users to optionally have access to the Chemaxon’s Design Hub and Chemical.AI’s ChemAIRS.

Under the terms of the agreement, Chemical.AI’s ChemAIRS will use its unique data learning approach aided by chemistry knowledge to improve retrosynthesis route design cycle. Chemaxon’s Design Hub will contribute to generate virtual compounds by de novo design, importing from external workflows, structure-based searches in internal or external databases, and characterize them based on synthetic feasibility. This collaboration provides compatibility between Chemical.AI’s ChemAIRS and Chemaxon’s Design Hub to deliver a seamless user workflow and one-stop service from the compound design tracking and prioritization capabilities in Design Hub to innovative synthetic routes in minutes with diverse strategies in ChemAIRS.

“Despite decades of ground-breaking research in academia, organic synthesis is still a rate-limiting factor in drug-discovery projects,” said Ning Xia, founder and CEO of Chemical.AI. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Chemaxon to build up a mutually beneficial business model, by combining the strengths of Chemaxon specialized in compound design prioritization and Chemical.AI artificial intelligence in their synthetic routes designing platform technology.”

“We are confident that we could help our customers to expedite drug discovery and achieve time and cost efficiencies by using Chemical.AI’s core product ChemAIRS to provide a powerful combination for innovative routes’ design.” said Richard Jones, CEO of Chemaxon.

About Chemical.AI

Founded in 2018, Chemical.AI is one of the world’s leading companies leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to transform research and development. Core product ChemAIRS boosts success rates in synthesis route design and prediction, and open the mind of researchers and provide multiple synthesis strategies, including different key steps and key intermediates, helping chemists quickly find more successful methods and the most economically available starting materials. Furthermore, ChemAIRS integrates both external (commercially available starting materials) and internal data (including ELN and Building Blocks inventory) to design more appropriate routes.

About Chemaxon

Founded in 1998, Chemaxon is a leading chemical and biological software development company that provides solutions for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Chemaxon's product portfolio offers out-of-the-box solutions for scientists, back-end tools for IT professionals, components to add extra functionality, and integrations to make our technology available from 3rd party software like Microsoft Excel or KNIME. Till now, Chemaxon has developed more than 10 applications, including JChem Engines, Marvin, Design Hub, etc., which are widely used in universities, enterprises and patent companies around the world.