A World-Class Event for AI Scholars-AI4Science Hackathon Opening Ceremony

Date: 26.04.2022 By: Admin

Have research or science problems that need to be addressed by AI? Have excellent programming skills that you want to show off? Have innovative ideas that you want to share with like-minded people?

DeepVerse, together with Bota Bio, Chemical.AI, Foreseen and Nest.Bio, hereby organizes the first nationwide AI4Science Hackathon for researchers and students, providing a cross-disciplinary platform to foster innovations, where you can present your ideas and meet other brilliant minds.

Concept Introduction

AI4Science (Artificial Intelligence for Science) is an initiative first proposed at Caltech that aims to bring together AI researchers with experts from other disciplines to push modern AI tools into every area of science and engineering. Image courtesy of Caltech AI4Science webpage (http://www.ai4science.caltech.edu)

Agenda for the Opening

The opening ceremony will be hosted from 8:00AM-10:00AM (EST) on 28th April, 2022 8:00AM-9:00AM (EST), Keynote Speeches 9:00AM-9:30AM (EST), Panel Discussion 9:30AM-9:45AM (EST), Hackathon Introduction For the link to the opening ceremony, please scan the QR code below:

1. Qualifications

Up to six members per team, with at least half of the members being: Current students (undergraduate or graduate) Former graduates (graduated no more than two years ago) Post-docs or junior researchers Faculty members - professors, lecturers or researchers

2. Bonus for the competition

You can win a share of $50,000 in total! <Open-ended Challenge> First Prize $8,000 (1 team) Second Prize $3,000 (2 teams) Third Prize $2,000 (3 teams) Special Prize $200 (10 teams) Internship/Full-time job at Deepverse, Foreseen, Chemical.AI or Bota Bio
The Bounty Challenge Three/four subdivision tracks, each with bonus: Gold $3,000 (1 team) Silver $1,500 (1 team) Bronze $800 (1 team) (The same team has the opportunity to win both the open-ended challenge and the bounty challenge.)

3. More detail

Please click on "Read More" at the end of the article or go to the website: https://ai4science.io/

To register for the competition, please scan the QR code below: