Chemical.AI Completed Series A Round of Funding of over 5 Million USD-Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Assist the Synthesis of Chemical Compounds

Date: 05.03.2021 By: Admin

Chemical.AI recently announced the completion of a Series A funding of more than 5 Million USD, led by Sequoia China Seed Fund, and with participation from Nest.Bio Ventures and existing shareholder FreesFund, to support marketing penetration, exploration of new direction of R&D, and recruitment of senior R&D talents, etc. Previously, the company had completed an angel round of funding in 2019.

Chemical.AI is a technology company driven by big data and AI, which is committed to solving the preclinical chemical synthesis problems of new drug research and development, so as to improve the efficiency of new drug discovery for pharmaceutical companies. The founding team of Chemical.AI has been deeply devoted to cheminformatics for more than ten years, who is highly experienced in research and development and has accumulated a large amount of professional data in chemistry. It is in a leading position in the field of AI-empowered chemical synthesis.

Regarding this round of funding, Dr. Ning Xia, founder of Chemical.AI, said: "Our team has been deeply engaged in the area of chemical synthesis for many years, accumulated rich experience and achievements, and built a high technical barrier in the core technology and data. All of these enable Chemical.AI to obtain this round of funding. We want to go further-to address the pain point in the industry of drug development, and this round of funding allows us to move closer to this goal and to finally realize our vision."